About Claire

Claire Peterson, Co-Founder of the Live Arts Program of the Panama Jazz Festival is a visual artist and studied art (life drawing, gesture drawing, portraiture, perspective and design) at the George Washington University under Bradley Stevens, a prominent portrait and landscape painter, as well as at the Art Students’ League of New York, with prominent artists such as John Parks, Anthony Palumbo, Nicki Orbach and Barbara Adrian.  

In March of 2012, her works were exhibited at the internationally awarding-winning Tántalo Hotel in Casco Viejo, Panama for their Grand Opening. Tántalo was awarded the Top 10 Best Art Hotels by Tablet Hotels via the Huffington Post, as well as the Fodor’s Trendsetter Award among many others.

In 2012, 2013, and 2014, in a pioneering collaboration with the Executives of the Panama Jazz Festival, Claire and Kimberly Hall founded the Live Arts Program of PFJ.  They brought visual artists into the live performances of Jazz Fest, to capture the energy, the flow, and the music of the musicians.  She also taught Life and Gesture Drawing to these art students as a basis for their art. Plans are under way for further multi-disciplinary, alternative art programs.

In 2009, she exhibited her work as a part of 'Strangely Familiar' where she sketched musicians and actors live.  Previously she exhibited works in shows at the Art Student’s League of NY, the Morris County Museum of Art and the Summer Arts Institute at Rutger’s University in New Jersey. 

Claire sketches live in public, at events such as: Tantalo’s Artes Martes for The Frantic Ballerinas at Teatro Amador, Casa Jeronimo with the Frantic Ballerinas; Art Block; 'Dr. Sketchy, the Anti-Art School Movement' hosted by Diablo Rosso; Passing Through PTY, and Luci, Live at el Soltano, and at Panama Jazz Fest. She has done live sketching of dancers, musicians, yogis and models. 

 She has done live sketching of dancers, musicians, yogis and models.  
Claire and her projects have been featured in La Prensa, La Estrella, Ocean Drive, El Vistante, SERTV, the Arts & Education Channel in Panama, among others.  

She has recently opened Studio 6, in Casco Viejo, a private art studio and workshop space.  Originally from the New York area, Claire spent 12 years living, working, studying, crafting, and playing in New York City prior to her move to Panama in 2006.  She currently lives in Panama with her family.